Choosing an EPC Assessor with Experience

In November 2017 we were asked to assess a building after another assessor had provided it with an energy rating of G. The property comprises a two storey former dwelling in Liverpool and was derelict, there was no heating or lighting fitted within.

The previous energy assessor from Liverpool had recommended a new roof was fitted together with a new central heating system.

We assessed the building and ran our calculations. To our surprise, the building rated an F and was close to the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards of E. We were curious to find out why the other energy assessor’s EPC differed from our own. The other assessor was reluctant to comment but after sometime we realised what he had done. For some unknown reason, the assessor had assumed the use of the property was for retail and had allocated this to the ground and first floor in his energy assessment. In doing so, isbem (the system used for energy assessments) had assumed the retail space required a significant amount of heat in order for it to be habitable – hence the recommendation for central heating. However, our enquires with the Local Planning Authority revealed that the allocated business use was offices.

Clearly the other assessor lacked the experience required to undertake the EPC Assessment accurately which could have resulted in the property owner spending far more than what was required. Fortunately, the owner consulted CJ Bloor Property Consultants and the simple re-fitting of lights resulted in the efficiency rating that was required.

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