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CJ Bloor Property Consultants specialise in a range of Home Surveys, covering various locations across the UK. It isn’t always clear what type of Home Survey you require, so please read on and see which survey best suits your needs. If you’re unsure, call us, that’s what we’re here for!

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What is a Home Survey?

A Home Survey is an assessment of a property’s condition. There are various types of survey, each with their own benefits, and they are organised by level. The higher the level, the more in depth the survey is.

In England, Wales and Northern Ireland you would get a survey when you’re a buyer considering a property. In Scotland, you get a survey (a Scottish Home Report) before you put the property on the market.

House surveys are carried out by Chartered Surveyors and we always recommend using a surveyor accredited by RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) as you know they’ll have expert training and are up to date with any changes in the industry.

Types of Home Surveys

We offer two main types of survey:

Please see below for more detail on each of these surveys.

HomeBuyer Report
(Level 2)

  • The most popular of the two types of surveys that we offfer.
  • Suitable for conventional properties in reasonable condition.
  • Written in a standard format set out by the RICS, providing ratings of each element of the property in a ‘traffic light’ system
  • Rates all permanent structures in the property, e.g. garages etc.
  • Highlights important problems that could affect the property’s value
  • Will give on-going maintenance advice for the property
  • Provides an overview of the condition based on visual inspection – they will not manually test

Building Survey
(Level 3)

Building Surveys (previously known as Structural Surveys) are more comprehensive, offering a detailed inspection of the inside and outside. This type of survey is strongly recommended if your property is particularly old, made of unconventional material (like thatch or timber),or has had significant building work done to it. Similarly, if you intend to do building work to the property, a Building Survey is probably the best choice.

It involves checks on accessible areas such as roof or cellar space, but will also look at any issues that might compromise the structural integrity of the building like damp, dry rot, wood worm infestation or any potential hazards such as large trees close to the structure.

The surveyor will send you a report which will include a list of all defects uncovered, their probable cause, level of significance (if they require immediate action or can be ignored for the time being), and recommendations on what is needed to fix these defects (along with costs). It will also include technical details on construction of property, materials used etc

    • Provides a thoroughly detailed report and analysis of the property’s construction and condition
    • Is particularly helpful for old, large properties built from unconventional materials
    • Beneficial for dilapidated properties and those that have been extensively altered.
    • Useful if you plan to renovate or convert the property
    • Does not include a valuation unless you specifically request one from the surveyor

RICS Regulated

We are regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors meaning we can be trusted to deliver the highest standards of service at the lowest possible price.

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Buying a property is likely to be the largest purchase you make in your life.

Be safe in the knowledge that the property you are purchasing is structurally sound and free from any serious defects by having a survey undertaken.

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