How to Prepare for a RICS Property Valuation

We are incredibly busy at the moment and it is always appreciated if the owner of the residential property is full prepared for their RICS Property Valuation.

It is important that all parts of the property are accessible to allow the valuer to carry out a thorough inspection, thereby ensuring there are no defects that could affect the value of the property. This includes rooms on all floors, the loft area, and the outside, including the garage. Please make sure that these areas are accessible prior to your appointment.

The Valuer will also want to see the heating system, they will not be checking whether or not it works but will probably want to take a photo of it for their records. This is because the heating system can be a costly item to modernise and may need to be considered as part of the valuation.

  • There are some questions the Valuer will probably ask you on the day, and if you have the information to hand it always helps:
  • Whether you are aware of any major repair works undertaken at the property, and the details of such.
  • Whether the property is freehold or leasehold, and if leasehold the amount of ground rent that is payable per year, and the number of years that remain on the lease.
  • If applicable, the amount of service charge that is payable per month/year.

These are the main points and anything else will be explained by the Valuer on the day of the inspection.

Once the inspection has taken place, we aim to issue the valuation report within 3-5 working days.

We look forward to seeing you on the day.