Need an EPC in Warrington?

We make it as easy as possible for you to book your EPC in Warrington.

At CJ Bloor Property Consultants we provide a professional and informed EPC service in Warrington and the surrounding areas, for landlords and homeowners – we provide an incomparable service to that of our competitors.

When the time comes to sell or rent your property, you must have the correct paperwork in order.

One of the main ports of call when you come to sell or rent your property will be to attain an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate).

If your property is a house, flat or a bungalow then you will require Domestic EPC.

If your property is an office, shop or a warehouse you will require a Non-Domestic EPC.

An EPC is a legal requirement (for sale or letting purposes) and your property needs to reach the minimum rating of E if it is being rented.

The EPC will need to be lodged onto the Domestic or Commercial EPC register (non domestic EPC Register) by an accredited energy assessor.

The EPC Register is controlled by Landmark EPC. Landmark EPC is linked to the Royal Mail Address Register. Therefore provided the address of your property features on the Royal Mail Register you will be able to lodge an EPC against it.

Do you need an EPC contract? Not as such. The EPC is not a contract moreover a document that is attached to the property. The EPC is not attached to the person that commissions the EPC. Therefore the person that is selling the property will not be listed on the EPC.

Most property will receive an EPC Rating D. This is the average rating for properties in England and Wales. If you r property scores an EPC Rating D then you will not need to improve the property’s energy efficiency unless of course you want to. This is because the EPC Rating D is above the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) which states that any properties that are to be rented in the future must not be let if their EPC rating is F or G.

CJ Bloor is an accredited EPC company and is also regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. All our surveys are undertaken by Chris Bloor and none of our work is sub-contracted.

If you are looking for an Energy Performance Certificate in the Warrington, an inspection from CJ Bloor will guarantee an accurate energy rating – whatever the result, we will offer you advice on how to improve your property’s energy efficiency.

You are probably wondering, therefore, what is included in an EPC and how long is it valid for:

EPC Reports provide detailed information about your property’s energy usage and includes estimated costs for improvements.

Your property will be given an EPC rating from A to G

An EPC rating of A is the best and an EPC rating of G is the worst.

You will receive a range of recommendations from the EPC that will show you how you can improve your property’s EPC rating.

When you have secured an Energy Performance Certificate for your property in Cheshire it will be valid for ten years.

Why choose CJ Bloor Property Consultants for an EPC in the Warrington, or any of the surrounding areas?

Our services are designed to give you the best chance of securing professional advice as you approach the sale or rent of your property – we are chosen because of our commitment to an affordable pricing structure that cannot be matched.

You may be wondering what the EPC certificate cost is.

We charge from £34.95 for a Domestic EPC in the northwest and from £115.00 for a Commercial EPC.

Remember, it doesn’t matter if your property already has an acceptable EPC rating, there are still ways you can enhance its rating to reduce the bills for you or your prospective tenants.

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