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Everything you need to know about SBEM Calculations & BRUKL Reports

We employ some of the most highly qualified and experienced surveyors in the business and can provide SBEM Calculations and BRUKL reports up to a certification Level 4.

What are SBEM Calculations and BRUKL Reports?

SBEM is an abbreviation for Simplified Building Energy Model, and is the government approved methodology for calculating the energy efficiency of non-domestic (commercial) buildings. SBEM methodology is the calculation engine behind Commercial EPCs, and for producing a Building Regulation UK Part L reports (BRUKL Reports).

When are SBEM Calculations and BRUKL Reports Required?

SBEM Calculations and BRUKL Reports are a mandatory requirement for any heated, new build commercial building, exceeding 50m2 in floor area.

What do SBEM Calculations and BRUKL Reports involve?

Design Stage – the first stage, called the ‘design’ stage, needs to be completed and submitted to your Building Control Body or Approved Inspector at the same time as your Building Control Application. The calculation result ensures that the building meets the building standards for things like building fabric (insulation etc), heating, ventilation and lighting.

As Built Stage – The SBEM calculations will be re-checked once finished and a final ‘as built’ BRUKL report will be produced. This is to ensure that if there were any changes in the specification, or to the materials that were used, then the building will still be compliant. If the BER is still less than the TER then the building will be signed off by the Building Control Officer as a PASS. If the building no longer matches with the Design Stage, alterations may be required to make the building compliant. Such changes can often be costly and time consuming for the owner/developer.

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SBEM is the calculation methodology used to create Commercial EPCs and BRUKL Reports

Some commercial extensions and conversion projects will also require SBEM Calculations and a BRUKL Report.

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