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CJ Bloor conducts schedules of condition for tenants who don’t want to pay tens of thousands of pounds on dilapidations liabilities they’re not responsible for at the end of their lease term.

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When completing a schedule of condition, we thoroughly inspect all accessible parts of a building, including the roof, taking a combination of 2D and 360-degree photos along the way. For each room, we make detailed notes on the condition of major parts and services.

What is a Schedule of Condition?

It’s an in-depth record of defects and imperfections in different parts of a property, recorded on a specific date. It’s most commonly deployed before a tenant enters a commercial lease, so they have limited liability for repairs when this ends.

It can also be used when a landlord is having work done to a commercial building to determine if damage noticed after building work has been completed actually existed before this started.

Why is a Schedule of Condition Necessary?

Schedules of condition are commonly used to determine whether damage has occurred to a party wall after building work has finished. Surveyors will inspect this and work out if damage has occurred before suggesting the necessary repairs.

With commercial properties, landlords may need to claim as a result of alteration or disrepair, which is called a dilapidation claim. These can be very expensive, often costing thousands of pounds.

A schedule of condition report helps prevent this from happening as it provides evidence of the building’s condition before the lease began. For the tenant, this means savings from unnecessary legal fees and disrepair costs.

What Should be Included in a Schedule of Condition Report?

Although no set criteria exist, some essential things need to be included, such as:

  • A reason why the report is necessary
  • Where the property is located and its size
  • How the property has been built
  • The date and time, plus weather conditions on inspection
  • Plans of the property
  • Photos and videos of the property, which may include 360-degree photos
  • A written description of each element inspected, including it’s condition and where it is located
  • Extra tests that are required like checking moisture content in timbers

RICS Regulated

Being regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), means we can be trusted to deliver the highest standards of service, at the lowest possible price in Manchester.


At CJ Bloor we closely monitor our competitors to ensure that our prices are the most competitive on the market. In the unlikely event that you receive a lower quote from another company, send it to us and we’ll match it.


That re-decorating your premises is probably an absolute obligation, and a schedule of condition is not a way to avoid doing this at the end of your tenancy.

Simply taking photos yourself is not an ideal way of reducing or eliminating your end of term repairing liability. In fact, limited images, along with poor or absent descriptions, can fail to provide any protection.

Why CJ Bloor are the Best Choice for Schedules of Condition

When it comes to schedules of condition, you need to be careful which surveyor you choose.

A lack of photographic evidence or poor quality photos that don’t sufficiently outline the detail offers no value for limiting liability for a tenant if a landlord attempts to claim deterioration during the lease term. This is also the case if photos lack supporting text. These types of problems usually occur when an owner or tenant attempts to take pictures themselves to save money.

It’s always best to instruct a competent surveyor to do this for you, such as CJ Bloor.

We will thoroughly inspect all parts of the building which are accessible, including the roof space. We take a variety of 2D images throughout your property, as well as a 360-degree picture in every room.

We also provide detailed text on each major part of each room and the services in there, noting their condition.

In the report, we will talk about the size and type of the building and why the report has been commissioned. We will also describe the meaning of specific keywords.

All photos included will be numbered and cross-referenced as well.

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