The Importance of Applying the Correct EPC Conventions

This case study demonstrates the importance of fully understanding the conventions relating to energy assessments and how best to apply them while taking into consideration the duty of care owed to the client.

In April 2018 CJ Bloor Property Consultants were instructed to re-assess an EPC Assessment in connection with a commercial property in Manchester. The original assessment had been undertaken by a local firm. The problem, however, was that the EPC rating was F which meant that the owner was unable to let out the property until improvements were made.

The subject property comprised a 1000 sq ft industrial premises of portal frame construction. The property was not heated but did have new LED lighting fitted to the workshop and office areas. According to the previous assessor’s recommendations, the building would need to be fitted with a new central heating or air conditioning system to the workshop area in order for the property to meet the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES).

However, it turned out that the assessor had not kept up to date with the conventions applicable to energy assessments for commercial properties and had, therefore, assumed the workshop areas needed to have a heating system allocated to them even if that meant portable heating – this resulted in an automatic generation of an upgrade in the heating system i.e. central heating/air conditioning.

Please contact us if you have been told your property does not meet MEES.

Fortunately, we re-assessed the building applying the correct conventions. This resulted in the workshop not requiring a heating system and produced an EPC rating of E without the owner having to spend any money on it. This saved the owner around £8,000 in unnecessary expenditure. This is not an isolated case and illustrates how important it is to have a firm such as CJ Bloor Property Consultants undertake your EPC Assessments in Manchester who are fully up to date with the conventions applicable.

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