Why it’s Essential to Have a Survey when Purchasing a Property

Your home is potentially one of the largest purchases you’ll ever make. So why risk buying a property without completing a survey only to realise later on that you could have made a very costly mistake?

The cost of a survey in relation to the price of a property always makes perfect sense. Don’t take risks. Instruct a member of our highly skilled team to conduct either a RICS Home Survey or a RICS Surveyors report. Both types of surveys will assess the property’s current condition and make appropriate recommendations for improvement.

Many people who are buying a property for the first time, such as first time buyers, might not realise the difference between mortgage surveys and a RICS survey. A mistake that could cause these people to run into potentially thousands of pounds due to not spending just a small sum on a RICS Survey. This will allow you to rest in the knowledge that there are no significant defects to your property, or that you are aware of areas that require improvement.

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