Why Your Energy Assessor Should Have a Surveying Background

The size of the a property has a significant impact on the energy efficiency of a building. This is because the software used to assess the rating is based on the amount of energy that is used per sq ft. On 14 October 2015 we were asked to reassess the energy performance certificate of a property in Preston because the owner had been told his property rated F, which is below the minimum rating required to rent the property.

We inspected the commercial property in Preston and found the previous energy assessor had miscalculated the size of the building by 18% this is well above the tolerance guidance of 10% suggested by the measuring standards set by RICS. Because the assessor had used the incorrect size in his energy assessment, the software had applied a higher level of energy required to heat the space which resulted in a lower rating.

The energy assessment we undertook resulted in an EPC rating of E, which meant the owner could rent out his property with immediate effect.

This case study demonstrates the importance of having an assessor with a surveying background to undertake your EPC assessment. Chris Bloor is an associate of RICS and is therefore qualified in the measurement of buildings.

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