how much does a home survey cost

How Much Does a Home Survey Cost?

The first question many homebuyers ask about home surveys is, “how much does a survey cost?” It’s understandable, as buying a home is a complex and often expensive process, so ensuring you don’t spend more than necessary is important. 

The cost of a home survey varies, as it depends on the type – or level – of survey, as well as the property’s value and location. It’s a good idea to get a homebuyers house survey quote from a reputable surveyor, who will advise on the level of survey you need. 

This guide breaks down what you can expect to pay for a home survey, including how much different types of surveys cost and why RICS surveys are worth paying for. 

What are the different types of surveys? 

By finding out about different types of surveys, you can compare surveys and what they offer to find the most appropriate level for your property. The level or type of survey will also determine how much a home survey costs. They range from Level 1 to Level 3, which were formerly known as the condition report (Level 1), homebuyer survey (Level 2) and building survey (Level 3). 

Generally, Level 3 offers customisation and a more in-depth inspection to focus on specific areas of concern. They’re more suited to complex, old or unusual properties and to a wide range of homes built post-war, making it the most popular survey. For both Level 2 and Level 3, the surveyor will provide advice on repairs and maintenance. 

Finally, Level 1 is the cheapest, as it provides a more simplistic overview and is thus suited to newly built homes. 

You can read more about the different types of surveys in our ultimate guide to home surveys.

How much does a home survey cost?

The cost of a home survey will depend on the property’s characteristics, such as its size, value and location, as well as the type of survey you want. For the most basic home survey, costs start at £400 for a property valued around £200,000. However, the average price for a home survey usually falls between £400 and £1400. This is because more comprehensive surveys are more expensive, but they are necessary for some properties. 

How much a survey costs will likely depend on whether you need a basic survey, a mid-level survey or a comprehensive survey. If you have a new home, you may be able to find a survey priced below this bracket, but older properties will require a deeper and more detailed inspection. 

It’s always best to speak with a trusted surveyor to find out the level of survey you need before getting a house survey quote. This way, you can compare surveyors and compare property survey quotes to find the right service for you. 

how much does a home survey cost

How much does a Level 1 Survey cost? 

A Level 1 Survey includes an inspection and survey report, but it does not include personalised, expert advice on repair work or maintenance. It’s also less timely, with the inspection lasting approximately 60 minutes compared with several hours for more thorough assessments. 

The Level 1 Survey usually starts at around £300, although you may be able to find lower by comparing surveyor quotes. According to one comparison survey site, the average cost of a Level 1 Survey in 2022 was £380. As property values increased, the average cost of a Level 1 Survey also increased, reaching £560 for properties valued between £900,001 and £1 million. 

How much does a Level 2 Survey cost? 

As the most common survey, the Level 2 Survey (also referred to as the Homebuyer Survey) is a mid-level inspection. It includes everything in a Level 1 Survey, but looks more closely at issues and provides commentary on their significance. 

As it’s more comprehensive, the cost of a Level 2 Survey is slightly higher in comparison with the cost of a Level 1 Survey. Compare My Move claims that the average price of a Level 2 Survey in 2022 was £500. Depending on the property value, the cost of a Level 2 Survey that year ranged from £380 for the lowest property values to £980 for the most expensive. To find out how much a Level 2 Survey would cost for your property, you can obtain surveyor quotes based on your property’s value, alongside other factors. 

How much does a Level 3 Survey cost? 

how much does a home survey cost

When you compare surveyors quotes for a home survey, a Level 3 Survey will often be more expensive than others. It’s also known as a building survey, or full structural survey, as it examines the property thoroughly. For this reason, it’s commissioned for older homes, properties that a homeowner intends to renovate, or homes built from unconventional materials. Building surveys are quoted higher than others as they can also be customised, focusing on specific areas rather than following standard criteria. 

The average cost of a Level 3 Survey in 2022 was £800. However, by comparing surveyors, you may be able to find one for as cheap as £630, depending on your property’s value, size and location. The upper bracket for the cost of a Level 3 Survey is £1200, which is significantly higher than other survey types. 

Are RICS home surveys more expensive? 

RICS home surveys are carried out by accredited Chartered Surveyors who follow RICS guidelines and regulations. By doing so, the surveyor will provide you with unbiased and accurate information, as opposed to serving ulterior agendas – such as trying to persuade your decision to buy or sell a property. 

You can also rely on their expertise to obtain important information, which comes from RICS, an established industry organisation. Therefore, RICS home surveys may be slightly higher when comparing with other surveyors and other types (non-RICS) of surveys. 

There are many reasons it’s worth paying for an RICS home survey, but one of the most important features of an RICS home survey, when compared against other surveys, is that it comes with recommendations. A good RICS surveyor will address the cause and look at the home holistically to make suggestions on repair work in Level 2 and 3 surveys. 

How do I get a home survey quote? 

home buyer survey cost quote

You can obtain and compare surveyor quotes through different ways. For instance, you can do some research by reading reviews on sites such as Trustpilot and Google, or reach out to accredited surveyors listed on RICS’ official site for a house survey quote. After you receive the homebuyer survey quotes, you can compare them to find a survey that fits in your budget.

It is important to compare building surveyors and home buyer survey quotes to ensure you feel comfortable with the process. Home surveys can reveal critical information for homebuyers, so you need to know you’re getting the right surveyor and for the right price. 

Ultimately, to find out how much does a home survey cost, you need to decide which type of survey you need and find an accredited surveyor to carry it out.  It’s clear to see that you can expect to pay more depending on the level of survey you need and the value of your property. It’s our hope that by using these prices as guidelines, you’ll know what to expect when comparing property survey quotes, and ultimately find a trusted surveyor for your home. 

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