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Welcome to our Merseyside location page. Whether you’re exploring the historic charm of Liverpool or the suburban allure of Wirral and Southport, CJ Bloor Property Consultants is your trusted partner. Our range of services, including RICS Home Surveys and RICS Valuations, are specifically designed to suit the unique property landscape of Merseyside. From the Georgian Quarter in Liverpool to modern waterfront properties in Wirral, our reach spans a diverse range of property types.

Level 2 Homebuyers Survey in Merseyside

When considering a property investment in Merseyside, or even just ensuring your current home is up to snuff, our RICS Home Survey Level 2 serves as an excellent starting point. This general condition survey equips you with a valuable overview of the property, spotlighting any immediate concerns or prospective issues.

Why Choose RICS Home Survey Level 2 with Us in Merseyside

  • Region-Specific Approach: Our Level 2 surveys are adapted to account for the architectural diversity of Merseyside, from historic terraces in Liverpool to modern suburban homes in Wirral.
  • User-Friendly Reports: The Level 2 reports are designed for straightforward comprehension, giving you a quick but insightful look into the property’s condition.
  • Budget-Friendly: Level 2 surveys offer a cost-effective choice for relatively modern and well-maintained properties in the Merseyside region.

Level 3 Building Survey in Merseyside

For a detailed and comprehensive assessment of a property’s structure and condition, our RICS Home Survey Level 3 is the perfect choice. This survey delves deeply into the property, providing an extensive analysis that covers all aspects essential for a thorough understanding of its state and potential issues.

Why Choose RICS Home Survey Level 3 with Us in Merseyside

  • Comprehensive Examination: The Level 3 surveys are intense and focused, covering structural elements and highlighting any areas of immediate or future concern.
  • Local Expertise: With a nuanced understanding of Merseyside’s property landscape, our Level 3 surveys offer insights that are specific to the region.
  • Detailed and Actionable: The conclusions reached in our Level 3 reports are not just comprehensive but also actionable, offering you a robust foundation for informed decision-making.

RICS Valuations in Merseyside

Gaining an accurate understanding of a property’s value is crucial, particularly in a market as dynamic as Merseyside’s. Our RICS Valuation Service provides a meticulously calculated, unbiased valuation, ensuring you’re well-informed at every step.


  • RICS Standard Compliance: Each valuation adheres strictly to RICS guidelines, ensuring you get a reliable, trustworthy report.
  • Local Context: Our valuations incorporate the latest Merseyside property data, providing a valuation that’s both current and locally relevant.
  • Multi-Functional: Our valuation reports cater to various needs, including Help to Buy, Shared Ownership, Probate, Capital Gains Tax, and Private Sales.

At CJ Bloor Property Consultants, we’re committed to providing you with top-notch service, tailored to your individual needs in the Merseyside area. Feel free to reach out and discover how we can assist you.

Key Information: Merseyside

Property Hotspots in Merseyside

Knowing the property hotspots in a region can provide you with critical information, whether you’re an investor looking for a lucrative deal or a homebuyer seeking the perfect neighbourhood. In Merseyside, several areas stand out for their popularity and investment potential.

Liverpool City Centre: A bustling hub of activity, the city centre is popular among young professionals and students. It offers high-yield properties, especially in the form of modern apartments.

Wirral Peninsula: Known for its natural beauty and proximity to Liverpool, the Wirral Peninsula is excellent for families. Areas like West Kirby and Heswall are especially sought after for their quality of life.

Southport: This seaside town offers a variety of property types and has seen significant growth in recent years, mainly due to its leisure facilities and picturesque locations.

St. Helens: With affordable housing and a variety of amenities, St. Helens is becoming increasingly popular among first-time buyers.

Why It Matters

  • Investment Value: Identifying hotspots helps in understanding where your investment would yield the best returns.
  • Quality of Living: These areas often offer better amenities, schools, and transport links, thus ensuring a better standard of living.
  • Future Prospects: A property’s value is likely to increase if located in a hotspot, providing you with better financial security.

Knowing the hotspots can help you make an informed decision, especially when considering factors like resale value, rental income, and the quality of life.


School Catchment Areas in Merseyside

Understanding the school catchment areas can be invaluable when searching for a property, particularly for families with children. In Merseyside, there are several catchment areas that are well-regarded, adding value and desirability to their respective localities.

Wirral Grammar Schools: Schools like Wirral Grammar School for Girls and Wirral Grammar School for Boys are highly sought after, driving up property prices in the Bebington and Spital areas.

Calday Grange Grammar School: Located in West Kirby, this school serves as a magnet for families looking to move to the Wirral Peninsula, impacting property values positively.

Liverpool Blue Coat School: Properties in the vicinity of this popular school in Wavertree are often in high demand, with families willing to pay a premium for the area.

Why It Matters

  • Educational Prospects: Quality schools often equate to a better educational environment for children, a major factor for families.
  • Property Value: Homes within top school catchment areas usually maintain or increase in value over time.
  • Planning for the Future: Knowing the catchment area you’re in or aiming for can shape your property strategy, whether you’re thinking of long-term residency or investment potential.

Whether you’re looking to establish a family home or invest in property with stable and rising value, understanding the impact of school catchment areas is indispensable.


Dominant House Types in Merseyside

Knowing the types of houses available in an area can provide important insights into what to expect in terms of layout, size, and maintenance. In Merseyside, there’s a diverse housing market that caters to a range of preferences and needs.

Terraced Houses: Particularly in areas like Toxteth and Kensington in Liverpool, terraced houses are a common feature. These houses offer the charm of historical architecture and can be more affordable.

Semi-Detached Houses: Areas such as Crosby and Formby are replete with semi-detached homes, offering more space and often accompanied by gardens.

Apartments and Flats: In Liverpool City Centre, especially around the docks, modern apartments are increasingly popular, often appealing to young professionals and investors.

Why It Matters

  • Lifestyle Choices: Different house types cater to different lifestyles. For example, a terraced house might offer community feel while an apartment provides modern amenities.
  • Budgeting: Knowing the prevalent house types can help you establish a realistic budget and negotiate a fair price.
  • Survey Requirements: The type of property can also determine the kind of survey you might need. For instance, older terraced houses might require a more in-depth survey to assess potential issues.

Understanding dominant house types can help you set realistic expectations and make informed decisions, whether you’re buying, selling, or investing.


Soil Types in Merseyside

Soil quality and type can often be an overlooked factor when considering property, but it plays a critical role, especially if you’re planning on gardening or certain types of property development. In Merseyside, a range of soil types can be found, adding another layer to your property considerations.

Clay Soil: This is prevalent in certain parts of Merseyside, such as Wirral and St Helens. While clay soils can be nutrient-rich, they are also prone to waterlogging, which may necessitate drainage solutions.

Sandy Soil: Often found in coastal areas like Southport, sandy soils offer excellent drainage but can lack essential nutrients for plant growth.

Loamy Soil: An ideal mix of sand, silt, and clay, loamy soils are usually the most desirable for gardening and are commonly found in suburban areas like Crosby.

Why It Matters

  • Drainage and Flooding: Knowing the soil type can help you understand how well the ground will drain, which can impact flooding risks and even the foundation stability of a property.
  • Landscaping: The soil type will affect what kind of plants will thrive, should you wish to invest in a garden.
  • Construction: For those considering extensions or other building works, different soil types have varying bearing capacities, which can influence construction methods and costs.

Being aware of the soil types in your prospective area can help you plan effectively for property maintenance or development.


Green Spaces in Merseyside

Green spaces are often a high priority for people looking for a new home, especially for families and individuals who enjoy outdoor activities. Merseyside boasts an array of parks, gardens, and open spaces that contribute to the quality of life and may impact property valuations positively.

Sefton Park: One of the most famous parks in Liverpool, it offers a tranquil setting with its boating lake, Palm House, and various events throughout the year.

Formby National Trust: Ideal for nature lovers, Formby offers a unique landscape of sandy beaches, pine forests, and is a sanctuary for red squirrels.

Birkenhead Park: Located in Wirral, this historic park inspired New York’s Central Park and offers a range of recreational facilities.

Why It Matters

  • Wellbeing: Proximity to green spaces has been shown to improve mental and physical wellbeing.
  • Community Engagement: Parks and open areas are focal points for community activities, from fairs to outdoor sports.
  • Property Value: A property close to a well-maintained park can command a higher price than one without such amenities nearby.

Whether you’re considering a property in the heart of Liverpool or in the quieter towns of the Wirral, being close to a green space can make a significant difference in your quality of life and potentially your property’s value.


Average House Values in Merseyside

Understanding average house values is crucial for making an informed decision in your property journey. In Merseyside, the real estate landscape offers a wide range of options, catering to various budgets and preferences.

Liverpool City Centre: High-demand and rapidly developing, the average house price hovers around the £200,000 mark, appealing to young professionals and investors.

Wirral: Known for its suburban tranquillity, properties in this area have an average value of approximately £220,000, offering family-friendly options.

St Helens: Providing a balance of affordability and amenities, the average house here costs around £160,000, making it attractive for first-time buyers.

Why It Matters

  • Budget Planning: Knowing the average house values helps you set a realistic budget, making your search more focused and efficient.
  • Investment Potential: Tracking these values can give you an idea of the area’s property market trends, assisting in making profitable investments.
  • Loan and Mortgage: Accurate information about average house values is essential for financial planning, especially if you are considering taking out a mortgage.

For those looking to understand the intricacies of the Merseyside property market, being well-versed in average house values is indispensable.


Local Infrastructure in Merseyside

Comprehending the local infrastructure is a pivotal step when considering where to buy or invest in property. Merseyside boasts an array of essential facilities and services that enhance the quality of life and property values in the region.

Public Transport: With an extensive network of buses, trains, and ferries, Merseyside offers excellent connectivity, especially in areas like Liverpool and Wirral.

Healthcare: The region is home to several NHS hospitals and private healthcare centres, such as the Royal Liverpool University Hospital and Arrowe Park Hospital in Wirral.

Education: From primary schools to universities like the University of Liverpool, the educational infrastructure caters to various needs and age groups.

Why It Matters

  • Accessibility: A well-connected transport system can significantly reduce daily commute times, increasing the area’s appeal.
  • Health and Well-being: Easy access to healthcare facilities is often a critical factor for families and older residents.
  • Future Value: Strong local infrastructure often results in a higher rate of property appreciation, providing long-term benefits for homeowners and investors alike.

Understanding the ins and outs of local infrastructure is essential for anyone planning to make a property move in Merseyside, whether you’re a seasoned investor or a first-time buyer.


Flood Risks in Merseyside

Understanding the potential for flooding is crucial when you’re looking to buy or invest in property in Merseyside. Flood risks can significantly impact property values and insurance costs, as well as the day-to-day lives of residents.

River Flooding: Areas near the River Mersey and its tributaries are susceptible to flooding, especially during periods of heavy rain.

Coastal Flooding: Being a coastal region, some parts of Merseyside, particularly areas near Liverpool Bay, are vulnerable to tidal flooding.

Surface Water Flooding: Urban areas like Liverpool and Wirral are prone to surface water flooding due to the large amounts of impermeable surfaces like roads and pavements.

Why It Matters

  • Safety: Properties in high-risk flood zones may require additional safety measures such as flood barriers.
  • Insurance: Homes in flood-prone areas often face higher insurance premiums, impacting the overall cost of homeownership.
  • Property Value: Flooding risks can be a decisive factor affecting property values, either discouraging investment or leading to depreciation.

Being aware of flood risks enables you to make informed decisions when buying or selling property in Merseyside, ensuring that you consider all factors that could affect your investment.


Mining Activity in Merseyside

When evaluating properties in Merseyside, it’s vital to be aware of the historical mining activities that have taken place in the region. The legacy of mining can impact the structural integrity of buildings and may require further investigation during the property buying process.

Coal Mining: Historically, Merseyside was home to several coal mines, particularly in areas like St. Helens. Although most of these mines are now closed, the risks associated with subsidence remain.

Sandstone and Limestone: Quarries extracting these materials were common and could also have led to some ground stability issues in specific locations.

Why It’s Essential to Know

  • Ground Stability: Mining activities can lead to subsidence, which might require corrective measures that could be costly.
  • Legal Obligations: Property owners may be legally responsible for any subsidence or ground stability issues related to past mining activities, affecting both the value and insurability of a property.
  • Future Developments: Knowledge of past mining activities can influence planning permissions and future development possibilities in the area.

Understanding the past and current state of mining activities in Merseyside is crucial for informed property investment and can influence the types of property surveys or assessments you might require.


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RICS Home Survey Level 2

RICS Home Survey
Level 2

Choose the RICS Level 2 Home Survey for modern properties that are in reasonable condition to gain a thorough yet accessible review of the property's condition. Identify minor to moderate issues, so you can negotiate price or plan for future repairs.

RICS Home Survey Level 3

RICS Home Survey
Level 3

The RICS Level 3 Home Survey is the most comprehensive inspection available, suitable for older properties and ones that have been significantly extended. Delve deep into structural integrity and potential defects to make an informed decision and safeguard your investment.

RICS Valuations

RICS Valuation

Need an accurate and reliable market value for your property? Obtain an in-depth RICS Valuation Report, meticulously conducted by certified valuation professionals. Ideal for a range of purposes including Help to Buy, Shared Ownership, Probate, Matrimonial, Capital Gains Tax, and more.

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Commercial Property

Obtain a Commercial Property Valuation from our certified experts, vital for sales, acquisitions, and compliance. Our valuations offer key insights into your property's worth, supporting strategic decisions and ensuring market readiness. Ideal for understanding investment value.

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