how to find a surveyor near you

How to Choose a Surveyor Near You

Finding out important information about your home can impact lots of decisions – whether to buy or sell, whether to upgrade and renovate, or how to fix problems. That’s why it’s essential to choose the right surveyor. But how do you go about finding one? Here are our tips on choosing a surveyor near you to do the job right.

The role of surveyors

When diving into the world of property investments or purchases, it’s easy to overlook the intricate details. However, the role of a surveyor is paramount in these transactions. Their findings can drastically influence property value, expose hidden defects, and potentially save buyers significant amounts in unforeseen repairs.

Which surveyor should I use?

Choosing the right surveyor hinges on the property’s nature and the survey’s intent. For example, if you’re eyeing a historical building, a surveyor familiar with such structures would be beneficial. For modern residential homes, a surveyor who focuses on contemporary properties would be more apt. The objective is to align the surveyor’s expertise with your specific demands.

How do I know if my surveyor is qualified?

RICS logo - is my surveyor qualified?

Professional credentials are of utmost importance when shortlisting surveyors. In the UK, the gold standard for surveyor qualifications is membership with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). This association promotes and enforces the highest international standards in land, real estate, construction, and infrastructure management and valuation.

How do I find a good surveyor near me?

  1. Recommendations: Personal references from friends, family, or colleagues can be invaluable.
  2. Online Research: Keywords like “surveyor near me” or “Chartered Building Surveyors” can help identify top-rated local surveyors.
  3. Professional Organisations: Bodies like RICS maintain directories of accredited surveyors.
  4. Estate Agents: Local agents often have lists of surveyors they’ve collaborated with in the past. But ensure there’s no conflict of interest in their recommendations.

The financial implications of a good survey

Property procurement is among the most sizeable financial undertakings for many. A precise survey can pinpoint challenges requiring expensive future repairs. Unearthing issues, like the need for a new roof or grave structural concerns, can heavily influence purchase decisions, either leading to price renegotiations or even pulling out of the deal. Read more about why it’s worth paying for a good home survey.

Can I choose my own surveyor?

Definitely! While mortgage lenders might have their list of surveyors, you’re not bound to opt for them. Always ensure your chosen surveyor is someone you trust and their findings will be acknowledged by your mortgage provider.

Understanding the local market through your surveyor

An experienced surveyor, particularly one well-acquainted with your desired locality, can provide valuable market insights. Their understanding of local property valuations and prevalent challenges can be a treasure trove of information, painting a clear picture of future expectations.


Choosing the correct surveyor is more than a simple task; it’s a cornerstone decision in your property journey. With the guidelines above, understanding qualifications, and conducting meticulous research, you’re equipped to make an informed choice. Always remember, a property isn’t merely a financial commitment but a foundation for your future.

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