EPC – The Importance of After-Sales Service

On 25 June 2018 we were asked to reassess an EPC which had been rated F by an assessor from a Nationwide firm. Our client, the property owner, had asked the nationwide firm what needed to do be done to the property to improve its energy rating,. However, the nationwide firm was unable to put him in contact with the assessor that had undertaken the original instruction; furthermore, the firm did not have the assessor’s site notes or photographs on their system (all this information is held personally by the assessor), which made it impossible for anyone to follow up from the original assessment.

The property owner chose to instruct CJ Bloor Property Consultants and we undertook a new assessment. True enough, the property received a low score and rated G. However, it was easy for us to advise the owner on cost effective ways to improve the efficiency of his property.

After taking our advice, the owner improved the property and let it out within the required time-frame.

Needless to say, the client was very impressed with our after sales service.

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