EPCs Require Time & Effort

On 6th April 2017 we were asked to assess a property that had been rated F and as a result the property owner had been advised to upgrade the heating system to an air conditioning system. The property comprised a three storey purpose built office in Warrington. We inspected the property and after obtaining the correct energy efficiency ratings from SEDBUK for the existing boiler system, ran the assessment through G-ISBEM (a modern piece of software I use for EPC assessments) the property rated E which is above the minimum rating required.

The reason we managed to rate the building E is simply because we put more time and effort into obtaining the correct information from the outset. An air conditioning system would have likely cost the owner of the offices surplus £10,000. The EPC we lodged meant the owner did not have to spend a penny. This case demonstrates the importance of assessors spending sufficient time in obtaining the information required to lodge an accurate Commercial EPC.

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