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Areas we cover In Oldham

  • Chadderton
  • Royton
  • Failsworth
  •  Shaw
  • Lees
  • Saddleworth
  • Hollinwood
  • Hathershaw
  • Springhead
  • Greenfield
  • Delph
  • Uppermill

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From the historic charm of Saddleworth villages to the bustling centre of Oldham itself, CJ Bloor Property Consultants is your premier choice for bespoke property services in Oldham. Specialising in RICS Level 2 and Level 3 Home Surveys and a broad range of RICS Valuations, we tailor our services to meet the varied demands of Oldham’s property market.

Level 2 Homebuyers Survey in Oldham

If you’re considering the purchase of a property in Oldham and require a detailed yet straightforward evaluation, our RICS Home Survey Level 2 is the ideal choice for you. Designed to meet pre-purchase requirements, this survey provides a comprehensive assessment of the property you’re interested in, flagging any observable defects or hidden risks that could impact your investment choice.

Why Choose RICS Home Survey Level 2 with Us in Oldham:

  • Local Expertise: Oldham’s property landscape is diverse, featuring a variety of housing styles, from historic homes to modern developments. Our Level 2 surveys are tailored to Oldham’s distinct property types, ensuring you receive a locally relevant and insightful evaluation.
  • Transparent Reporting: Property surveys often include technical terminology. We simplify this language in our Level 2 reports, translating complex terms into plain, understandable English. This clarity allows you to quickly grasp the property’s overall condition, a crucial consideration when making a significant financial commitment.
  • Cost-Effective: Oldham’s property market offers a range of options, making our Level 2 survey a cost-effective yet comprehensive choice for your due diligence. The survey identifies areas that may require immediate attention or offer room for negotiation when finalising the purchase price.

By selecting our RICS Home Survey Level 2 in Oldham, you’ll benefit from our local knowledge, transparent reporting, and cost-effectiveness. These essential elements assist you in making an informed and confident property investment in Oldham’s dynamic real estate market.

Level 3 Building Survey in Oldham

If you’re considering a property purchase in Oldham and require a comprehensive evaluation, especially crucial for older or unique buildings, our RICS Home Survey Level 3 is the ideal choice. Designed to meet the specific needs of pre-purchase requirements, this survey offers a meticulous assessment of the property’s structural integrity and overall condition, uncovering both apparent and hidden issues that could impact your buying decision.

Why Choose RICS Home Survey Level 3 with Us in Oldham

  • Advanced Expertise: Our Level 3 surveys in Oldham are highly comprehensive and adaptable to various property types, from historic properties in the town centre to contemporary developments in the Greater Manchester area. This specialised expertise allows us to address the unique challenges that Oldham properties may present.
  • Detailed Reporting: Tailored for homebuyers seeking an in-depth understanding, our Level 3 reports delve extensively into the property’s condition. Technical terminology is translated into clear and straightforward English, ensuring that you fully grasp the complexities of your potential home.
  • Cost Justification: While the Level 3 survey may entail a higher initial cost, the wealth of information it uncovers can offer significant long-term financial benefits. Identifying hidden defects or anticipated future maintenance requirements equips you to make an informed buying decision and can serve as a valuable negotiation point for the property’s final purchase price.

By opting for our RICS Home Survey Level 3 in Oldham, you gain access to superior expertise, comprehensive reporting, and the potential for long-term cost advantages. Together, these critical elements provide a solid foundation for making a well-informed and confident property purchase in Oldham.

RICS Valuations in Oldham

Understanding the actual worth of a property is critical for any transaction or investment in Oldham. Our RICS Valuation Service offers an unbiased, market-centric assessment of properties in the Oldham area.


  • Commitment to RICS Guidelines: We are steadfast in our commitment to strictly following RICS standards, giving you the utmost confidence in the dependability of our valuations. You can trust that our evaluations will withstand rigorous examination.
  • Extensive Local Insight: Our valuations leverage up-to-date, thorough information on Oldham’s evolving property market. Our grasp of local subtleties enables us to furnish you with a precise and well-informed valuation.
  • Adaptability for Various Requirements: We provide a versatile valuation service that meets a variety of needs, such as Help to Buy, Shared Ownership, Probate, Capital Gains Tax, and Private Sale. No matter your property needs in Oldham, rest assured that we have you covered.

By choosing CJ Bloor Property Consultants, you’re opting for a team of seasoned experts skilled at deciphering the complex terrain of Oldham’s property market. Should you have any queries or wish to discover more about how our RICS Valuation Service can be of advantage to you, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Useful Information: Oldham

Property Market Trends in Oldham

Situated northeast of Manchester, Oldham is a town that balances urban living with the tranquility of the surrounding Pennines. Whether you’re an investor or looking to settle, understanding Oldham’s property market trends can be pivotal.

Key Neighbourhoods

  • Saddleworth: Known for its scenic beauty and historic architecture, Saddleworth has become a favourite for those seeking peace without sacrificing amenities.
  • Chadderton: A mix of traditional homes and new developments, Chadderton is ideal for families and first-time buyers.
  • Royton: This area combines residential tranquility with excellent shopping facilities, drawing a broad range of residents.

Market Highlights

  • Price Stability: Unlike other nearby locations experiencing rapid price increases, Oldham has seen a moderate but consistent growth in property prices.
  • Affordability: Generally more affordable than Manchester and Salford, Oldham offers good value for both buyers and renters.

Factors Influencing the Market

  • Connectivity: The Metrolink service has improved Oldham’s connectivity to Manchester, giving a boost to local property prices.
  • Schools: The presence of several well-regarded schools is a major pull for families, thereby increasing demand for housing.
  • Local Amenities: With a range of parks, shopping centres, and leisure facilities, the area is increasingly attractive for long-term living.

Investment Opportunities

For investors, the town centre and its ongoing regeneration projects hold promise. The development of the Old Town Hall into a cinema and restaurant complex exemplifies the type of revitalisation that adds value to the area.

By having a finger on the pulse of Oldham’s property market trends, you can make more nuanced decisions, whether you’re contemplating a residential purchase or an investment.


Structural Condition and Common Issues in Oldham

When it comes to purchasing property in Oldham, having an awareness of structural conditions and common issues is crucial. Such knowledge is indispensable for making educated choices and negotiating effectively.

Common Structural Issues

  • Energy Inefficiency: Older homes in Oldham often lack adequate insulation, leading to higher energy bills.
  • Brickwork Deterioration: In some of the older properties, the brickwork may show signs of age, requiring re-pointing or potential wall tie replacements.
  • Guttering Issues: Poorly maintained guttering can lead to damp problems and potential structural damage in the long term.
  • Chimney Stack Problems: In older homes, particularly those built in the Victorian era, chimney stacks can become unstable and may need repairs or removal.

Mitigating Factors

  • RICS Surveys: A detailed RICS Home Survey will help you identify any structural issues, thereby helping you avoid costly future repairs.
  • Energy Upgrades: Grants and incentives may be available for energy-efficient improvements, such as insulation.
  • Regular Inspections: Periodic checks by qualified professionals can preemptively identify issues before they become serious problems.

Considerations for Different Property Types

  • Terraced Homes: Often found in Oldham, these require close attention to shared walls and potential subsidence.
  • Semi-Detached and Detached Homes: Usually offering more space but can have issues like poor drainage or soil movement.
  • Flats and Apartments: Modern complexes generally have fewer structural issues but always examine leasehold agreements for any maintenance clauses.

Being well-versed in the structural issues commonly found in Oldham can be an invaluable asset, whether you’re a seasoned investor or a first-time buyer.


Local Amenities in Oldham

Nestled between the bustling cities of Manchester and Leeds, Oldham offers a blend of urban convenience and rural beauty. The town provides an extensive range of amenities to meet the needs of its diverse community, from shopping and healthcare to leisure and family activities.

Shopping and Retail

  • Spindles Town Square Shopping Centre: A central retail hub featuring high-street brands, department stores, and cafes.
  • Tommyfield Market: A traditional market offering fresh produce, meat, and local specialties.

Health and Fitness

  • Oldham Leisure Centre: A modern facility featuring a gym, swimming pool, and various fitness classes.
  • Alexandra Park: A large Victorian park suitable for jogging, cycling, and outdoor workouts.

Dining and Leisure

  • Uppermill: A village within Oldham renowned for its cosy cafes, pubs, and fine dining restaurants.
  • George Street Chapel: Now a heritage centre, it offers cultural events and performances.

Family Amenities

  • Gallery Oldham: A popular venue for families with rotating art exhibits, workshops, and educational programmes.
  • Dove Stone Reservoir: An ideal location for family walks and picnics, offering scenic views and nature trails.

Public Services

  • Royal Oldham Hospital: Provides comprehensive healthcare services, including an A&E department.
  • Oldham Library: Not just for books, the library also offers computer access and community events.

Being aware of your local amenities in Oldham can greatly inform your property purchase decisions, whether you’re buying for yourself or as an investment.


Commute and Transportation Options in Oldham

Navigating the property market in Oldham necessitates a comprehensive understanding of the commuting and transport options available in the area. Oldham is well-connected and offers a variety of travel methods, making it a convenient place for work, education, and leisure.

Public Transport

  • Metrolink Trams: The Oldham and Rochdale Line provides seamless connections to key destinations in Greater Manchester, including Manchester city centre.
  • Bus Network: Several bus routes serve Oldham and connect it to surrounding towns and cities, including routes 58, 59, and 83.

Train Services

  • Oldham Mumps Station: Though Oldham’s original train stations closed, Oldham Mumps offers a Metrolink service that covers what train routes used to provide.

Road Infrastructure

  • M60 and M62 Motorways: Oldham has good motorway connections, particularly the M60 and M62, allowing for easy transit to Manchester and other parts of the North West.
  • A627 and A669: These are key arterial roads that pass through Oldham, offering alternative commuting options.

Cycling and Walking

  • Leesbrook Park: This park provides walking and cycling trails, offering a greener way to move around Oldham.
  • Local Cycle Routes: Oldham has started to invest in cycle paths, especially around the town centre, to make it easier for residents to bike safely.

Proximity to Airports

  • Manchester Airport: Located around 45 minutes from Oldham, the airport offers international and domestic flights, increasing the area’s convenience for those who travel frequently.

Knowing the commute and transportation options in Oldham can help you make an informed decision when considering property investments or residential moves. The area’s robust transport network adds a layer of practicality and efficiency, making Oldham an attractive choice for various property needs.


Planning Permission and Land Covenants in Oldham

Understanding the planning landscape in Oldham is vital for anyone considering property investment or homeownership in the area.

What You Need to Know

  • Oldham Local Plan: The Oldham Council has set out specific guidelines and policies in their Local Plan. These guidelines are crucial for understanding what types of development are likely to be approved.
  • Conservation Areas: Oldham has several conservation areas like Saddleworth and Lees, where additional planning considerations may apply.
  • Green Belt Land: Areas of Oldham are designated Green Belt land, offering limited scope for new developments.

Common Pitfalls

  • Overlooking Drainage Requirements: Due to the area’s topography, drainage considerations are particularly important in Oldham.
  • Ignoring Public Sentiment: As in other locations, public opinion can influence planning decisions. Hence, community engagement can often ease the planning process.

Land Covenants in Oldham

Land covenants in Oldham can dictate the limitations and obligations attached to a property, often hidden but significant details.

Types of Covenants

  • Positive Covenants: You may be required to take specific actions, such as maintaining shared amenities or pathways.
  • Restrictive Covenants: Limitations could include anything from types of permitted developments to usage restrictions on the property.

Things to Consider

  • Historical Covenants: Given Oldham’s rich history, older properties may have long-standing but still enforceable covenants.
  • Specialist Advice: As always, consult legal and property experts to clarify any uncertainties around land covenants.

Thoroughly understanding planning permissions and land covenants can safeguard your investment and avoid unforeseen hurdles in Oldham.


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Choose the Level 2 Homebuyers Survey for modern properties that are in reasonable condition to gain a thorough yet accessible review of the property's condition. Identify minor to moderate issues, so you can negotiate price or plan for future repairs.

RICS Home Survey Level 3

Level 3 Building Survey

The Level 3 Building Survey is the most comprehensive inspection available, suitable for older properties and ones that have been significantly extended. Delve deep into structural integrity and potential defects to make an informed decision and safeguard your investment.

RICS Valuations

Residential Property Valuation

Need an accurate and reliable market value for your property? Obtain an in-depth RICS Valuation Report, meticulously conducted by certified valuation professionals. Ideal for a range of purposes including Help to Buy, Shared Ownership, Probate, Matrimonial, Capital Gains Tax, and more.

Commercial Property Valuation

Commercial Property Valuation

Obtain a Commercial Property Valuation from our certified experts, vital for sales, acquisitions, and compliance. Our valuations offer key insights into your property's worth, supporting strategic decisions and ensuring market readiness. Ideal for understanding investment value.

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