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We specialise in maximising income generated by phone masts situated on our client’s land.

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What do phone mast experts do?

If you have a phone mast on your land or property, we can help you achieve the highest rent possible. We are experts at negotiating new leases, lease renewals, upgrades, mast sales and rent reviews.

How we can help

New Telecoms Law (Electronic Communications Code)

A new telecoms law was introduced in 2017. The key reforms include a no scheme method of valuation for assessing rents, similar to that of compulsory purchase. The new valuation approach has resulted in the operators attempting to radically reduce rents across their portfolio of telecommunications sites. We specialise in this complicated area of law and have already managed to help our clients protect their existing rental streams in a number of cases.

The director, Chris Bloor, has written a paper on the new telecoms law and the effect it’s having on landlords, you can read it here.

New leases

Most telecom leases agreed prior to 2017 are for a term of ten years with many now nearing their expiry date. If your tenant (the operator) has contacted you to renew the lease, you are most likely being offered terms very different to the original lease. This is due to a new law that came into effect in December 2017. The operators now have rights that work more in their favour and they are attempting to use this to their advantage when negotiating a new lease. Before you enter into negotiations, we strongly recommend seeking professional advice. Having a specialist act for you at this stage will of great benefit to you. We will negotiate the often complex terms of the lease, ensuring the best possible outcome for you, all the way through to signing of the new legal document.

Rent reviews  

Commercial leases often contain provisions for a review of the annual rent at specified intervals during the term of the lease. Telecom lease are no different. The rent reviews found in telecom leases are usually linked to Open Market Value (as defined in the Red Book) or to the Retail Price Index. In our experience trying to agree a rent review without professional representation can often result protracted negotiations and subsequently, a lower rental figure. Our in-house team have the experience, and contacts, to deal with these matters quickly and efficiently. We will negotiate on your behalf and conclude the matter in the form of digitally signed memorandum, meaning minimal inconvenience and maximum return.

Mast sales

Have you been approached by a company to sell your mast? Bearing in mind the new law that came into effect in December 2017, many of our clients are now considering this prospect. This concept is often appealing but is not something that should be taken lightly as to lose any income source clearly has its drawbacks. We recommend seeking professional advice before discussing selling the mast to an investor. The investor will be seeking to obtain an overriding lease. Essentially this allows them to capture the rent paid by the operator and in return they will pay you a one off premium. It is important to note that the overriding lease is like any other lease and the terms therein will need careful consideration. We can help negotiate, not only the premium payment, but also the lease terms, thereby ensuring you get the best deal possible.

Mast removal

Are you looking to redevelop your land/building, or perhaps you have just had enough of the mast on your land? Trying to remove masts from your land is not easy. The operators have substantial legislation behind them to ensure the continuation of their  network is not hindered. As if it was not difficult enough to remove masts, the new law that came into effect in December 2017 has made it even more so. Unfortunately, unless you are extremely lucky, and the operator was intending to move the mast , you will most likely be looking at a minimum period of 12-24 months to have it removed. Even then, it will largely depend on the terms of your lease, and the importance of the site to the operator. We have a lot of experiencing in the removal of masts. We know how to negotiate effectively, and which strings to pull. Please feel free to contact us for a free initial consultation.

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The mobile phone operators have tried to slash rents by up to 98% since the new telecom law came into effect in December 2017.

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