Why an inaccurate EPC can be expensive

Our clients sometimes inform us that another EPC company has offered them a more competitive price than the one we’ve quoted. However, the initial price of the EPC should not be their main concern, it should be whether the EPC will be carried out accurately.

An inaccurate EPC can lead to misleading recommendations resulting in unnecessary costs, and/or, the EPC being invalidated at a later date, due to the assessor failing an audit. Failed audits can lead to the EPC being removed from the central register, and depending on what the ‘fail’ involves, could result in the property owner being responsible for a new EPC, and/or, making improvements to the property.

In accordance with UK legislation (MEES), when a property obtains an EPC rating of F or G, the owner is unable to let out the property until certain improvements have been made.

The problem does not stop at rental property.

  • Pension funds may reject an application to transfer a property based on a low EPC rating.
  • A low EPC rating can also affect the value of a property.
  • Further, banks may refuse to lend against a property that has an EPC rating of F or G.

In order to achieve a satisfactory EPC rating, improvements relating to the energy efficiency of the property will usually need to be made.

Such improvements might involve a new roof, wall insulation, new heating system, or lighting design.

The price difference between those improvements can be significant, e.g. a new roof can cost between £2,000-£20,000, and new lighting can cost between £20-£200.

If a low EPC rating has been obtained, the obvious thing to do is to contact the energy assessor that carried out the initial energy assessment, and ask for their advice.

Unfortunately, this advice is not always forthcoming, or clear, and sometimes over-priced.

In some cases, property owners have been provided with advice that results in them spending thousands of pounds on unnecessary improvements.

If you require an EPC, we recommend you choose a company with competent surveyors that have the relevant experience.

Remember, it’s not always the initial price that needs to be considered.

The advice you receive after the EPC has been issued can be equally as important.

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